We mine the public data you need

to dynamically segment your market

We integrate, monitor and visualize public data through our unique Artificial Intelligence

What sets us apart


Extract custom data from websites of your customers

Besides a wide array of existing data, we offer you the possibility to extract individual data from your customer websites. Things like, their opening hours, management, locations are easy for our Artificial Intelligence to gather.


Use your new data through our easy yet beautiful web interface

With your order, you don't just get data in a spreadsheet. Your data is additionally loaded into a web platform, that allows your target user group on the business side to actually use it.


Integrate with your CRM / SSO

For example, if you are planning to use your new data in a sales scenario, where you'd like to listen for Sales triggers and send your sales reps to the most promising customers where sales triggers just happened; it would be good to integrate your new data with your existing CRM. This way, your sales rep has all the information he needs in one place. In addition, we support Single-Signon - which means, if your IT hosts the necessary service, you can use your existing @company.com username & password to log in!


Data Updates: ongoing monitoring of your selected data sources

We track changes in the data sources that you selected automatically, and load them into the web platform shortly after they happened. In addition, we include a Feed dashboard in the web platform, that allows you to see WHAT changed. This way, you won't miss new managers joining your customers or new branches of theirs opening up.

Some of the organisations who work with us