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Labscape - Sales targeting for healthcare

Labscape is a Big Data Platform promoting targeted sales through a real-time 360° view on the healthcare market. To do so, it connects to thousands of public data sources and aggregates their information in one easy-to-use platform.

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How it works

Labscape is a Big Data platform that helps companies in the healthcare market keep track of potential customers like labs or doctors around the world on a per-address resolution. Equipped with such fine-grained information about potential customers, sales managers can efficiently allocate their salesforce based on a dynamic market segmentation, sales reps can effectively target the most likely prospects through our sales targeting engine, CRM managers benefit from our updates to their data and product managers can track the market size for current and upcoming products.

Boost sales of your healthcare products

Observe your market players in real-time

Get notified about opportunities

Build ad-hoc market segmentation

GDPR compliant

About us

We are a team of experts in the field of Big Data and Machine Learning dedicated to transform the customer acquisition journey in diagnostics. We bring in the latest AI technologies in order to support our clients to get better, quicker, smarter about the market.

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